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Choppington Parish Council Popular

Choppington Parish Council - Northumberland

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minutes of meetings
Where are the minutes of Choppington parish council?

Have they got something to hide as well as bins for dog walkers to dispose of waste! The streets of Stakeford from the coop to the Welwyn are a disgrace. There is only one litter bin on each side of the road along this stretch of road.Parish council needs to get back to basics and spend money on necessities.

I have observed residents from this area walking their dogs- most do not pick up waste from public footpaths- maybe waste bins and a local ' patrol' and the problem added to parish agenda would help

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Parish council increase of 43%!
I would like an explanation as to how Choppington Parish Council can justify charging a 43% increase for the year 2014-2015.
This is an absolute disgrace, when you consider the vast majority of people paying this have probably not had a pay increase of 1%, over the last couple of years!

1 of 1 people found this review helpful
The only person that matters in Choppington parish council is the clerk. I have asked to speak to a councillor and he told me that I couldn't speak to a one as everything had to go through him and no one else. I am sorry but what is the role of a councillor? I will not speak to this man again as his attitude stinks.

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