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Chetwynd Aston and Woodcote Parish Council

Chetwynd Aston and Woodcote Parish Council - Shropshire

Rated by Residents. It's your Town or Parish Council. You can rate or review your council. Does your community know what your town or parish council Councillors and Clerk can do? CPALC the largest on-line provider of support for ALL residents, councillors and clerks. Map, website and contact details where available.

The right to record meetings of Town and Parish Councils is now law CLICK HERE

Rate your Parish Council just place your cursor over the stars and click. Scroll down the page to see the map and reviews of this town or parish council.

Resident, Councillor or Clerk? Get the information you need when and where you need it. CPALC is open to all 24*7*365* on the internet. A single annual subscription of £25 (ex VAT) gives you access to all the unique CPALC guides and other content.

Written reviews help your council improve. Reviews can be written by anyone. All reviews are moderated and there is a right to reply.  Please read the review guidelines. You can submit your review at the bottom of this page. Reviews are anonymous provided that you are not logged in.

Whether good or bad a review of your town or parish council is often the only feed back available.

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