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Kirby Muxloe Parish Council public interest report, another failed parish council

Kirby Muxloe Parish Council joins Lydney Town Council and Gosfield Parish Council in having significant public interest reports which highlight major failings in governance and the annual return.

In an 18 page public interest report the external auditor surgically details the failings and representations made without substance.

“47 My greatest concern is not that there were weaknesses but that the Council made important assertions to the public that there were none. It did so without sufficient enquiries and in instances in the face of evidence to the contrary.”

The public interest report was sent to...

  • The objectors and other correspondents;
  • The Council’s internal auditor;
  • The Chief Executive of Blaby District Council;
  • The National Association of Local Councils; and
  • The Leicestershire and Rutland Association of Local Councils.

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icon Kirby Muxloe Parish Council public interest report (151.41 kB)

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