Town and Parish councils are part of local government.

  • Town and Parish Councillors are elected to represent and be the voice of their community.
  • CPALC (Communities, Parish and Local Councils) is committed to GAD.
  • GAD is Governance, Accountability and Democracy.
  • These 10 guiding principles underpin GAD.


Democracy is at the heart of government

  • Decisions are made by the majority.
  • Sometimes you win, other times you loose, that's democracy
  • Support and promote the democratic process and decisions
  • Everyone has the right to be heard
  • ALL bullying is wrong
  • Democracy comes at a cost.
  • Elections are a right and money should never enter the equation


Town and Parish Councils exist to serve their communities

  • Councils need communities, communities do not necessarily need councils. Ignore this at your peril
  • Councillors represent all, not just those who elected them, know your community


Get involved it's your council

  • Everyone has a right to participate
  • Get elected Councillors are not volunteers


Know the rules and obey the law

  • Get trained it benefits all, councillors, clerks and residents

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