For residents and new town and parish councillors the code of conduct as enacted with the Localism Act 2012 was a sea change.

It introduced a post code lottery as to what code of conduct applied.


  • Previously there was one overarching code enforced by principal authority (Unitary, District and County Councils) monitoring officers
  • Above them was the Standards Board for England
  • At one stroke this clear structure was removed being replaced with a much vaunted system of self regulation
  • Underpinning the new code of conduct are the Nolan principles
  • Whilst well intentioned they may appear to some as academic


It is worth noting that the Nolan principles are widely ignored.


For a more practical approach see...

CPALC's 10 Guiding Principles for Town and Parish Councils and Councillors


This guide is indicative and not definitive, it is not intended to be a comprehensive list of legal requirements.

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