This 60 second guide is for residents, parish councillors and clerks who wish to gain an overview of parish council meetings.

  • Residents and new parish councillors may find the guide useful in understanding the “flow” and processes of a parish council meeting
  • The clerk and council may also wish to compare some of the following points against current practice
  • This document is not a best practice guide however where differences are noted the council might wish to consider the relative merits of their current practices as compared with those outlined in this document
  • This guide also considers how the council communicates and presents itself to council staff, residents and other organisations both inside and outside of the parish


Article Contents - Click on a link below

Numbering of agenda items

Recording apologies

Acknowledging the quorum

Declarations of interest


Public speaking at meetings

Approval of minutes

Reports from Principal Authority Councillors

Debating an agenda item


Items for information only

Matters for future consideration

Any other business

Improving Audit procedures

Payments to councillors

Excluding the press and public

Closing the meeting

New councillors


This guide is indicative and not definitive, if in doubt get someone else involved or seek professional advice.


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