This 60 second guide is for residents, parish councillors and clerks who wish to gain a brief understanding of grant funding for Town and Parish Council projects and events.

  • There is a difference between grant funding and sponsorship
  • This is of particular relevance regarding council organised events
  • Sponsorship may be more applicable where the council is seeking to set up a regular event such as a music festival
  • Sponsorship is not covered in this guide


Article Contents - Click on a link below

Is the council able to apply

How does the council apply

Deadlines for applications

Applying to more than one funder for the same project

How much can the council apply for

Can the council apply for funding for more than one year

What can the council apply for

Can the council apply for core operating costs of a project

Is “match funding” needed if a council applies

Will the councils need to provide evidence of policies and other documents


This guide is indicative and not definitive, if in doubt get someone else involved or seek professional advice.


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