Fires are never planned but adequate procedures and documentation should always be in place. Out of date plans which have not been reviewed are of little use in an emergency.


Town and Parish Councils are not exempt from the legislation relating to Corporate Manslaughter. Fire is a lethal hazard and should be taken very seriously by all concerned.

This guide is a basic introduction to fire safety and its risk management. It is intended for residents, clerks and councillors.


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Fire risk

Heat sources

Combustible materials

People at risk – informing users and visitors

Minimising Risk

Record keeping – Have a fire prevention plan

Internal Audit

Staff training

Risk Assessments and regular reviews



This guide is indicative and not definitive and as such is not intended to be a comprehensive legal guide or a list of legal requirements. Managers and owners of community buildings should always work with the local Fire Authority to ensure the safety of staff and the public.

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