• By definition and for simplicity a “Meeting of the Parish” is an assembly of local residents who are local government electors in the parish
  • It is not a Town or Parish Council meeting
  • Nor should such meetings be confused with “Parish Meetings” which are parish councils without a council

The Annual Meeting of the parish is an opportunity for the various groups and organisations delivering service within the parish to inform the community of their work. The Annual meeting of the parish is covered in other guides.


This guide focuses on the statutory requirements that apply to a meeting of the parish, a “Meeting of the Parish” within an area with a parish council but the same is true of areas without a parish council.


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The Legal Background

What is a meeting of the parish or a parish assembly?

The Purpose of a Meeting of the Parish

Calling a Meeting of the Parish

Time, Location and Date of a Meeting of the Parish

Notice of a Meeting of the Parish

Exceptions to 7 clear days notice

Calling the Annual meeting of the parish

Chairing and managing the Meeting of the Parish

The role of the Parish Clerk

Voting at Meetings of the Parish

Minutes of Meetings of the parish

Recording and Filming of Meeting of the Parish


This guide is indicative and not definitive, it is not intended to be a comprehensive list of legal requirements.


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