The council is required to appoint an officer to be responsible for the legal aspects of the council. In this role the clerk has the position of Proper Officer a role which requires a thorough understanding and knowledge of, local government legislation and the procedures and processes that enable a council to function legally.

The council must also appoint a person as the Responsible Financial Officer for the council. This may also be the clerk, however in councils with large budgets this role is best served by another person so that risk to the council is reduce and the person appointed has appropriate financial experience and skills.

The turnover of clerks in some counties is more than 25% a year. This is unsatisfactory as it is expensive for the council and residents. It is equally unsatisfactory for the Clerk who may be unhappy with the council as an employer.

This guide briefly covers...

  • The legal background
  • Possible Reasons for Turnover
  • What can be done?
  • Delivering best value

This guide is indicative and not definitive, it is not intended to be a comprehensive list of legal requirements.

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