Each year, unless otherwise stipulated by government, parish and town councils must hold their annual meeting in May. This is the meeting of the council where it elects a chairman for the year ahead and agrees its meeting schedules and the decides who's on what committees.

At the end of the four year council term councillors automatically loose their seat and must complete a nomination form to re-stand for their council through a formal election process.

Most often parish council elections are uncontested meaning there is a lack of candidates to initiate a poll so those that stand become councillors by default.

Either before or at the annual meeting councillors must sign an Acceptance of Office declaration. This is the legal document that confirms the legitimacy of a councillor to engage in council meetings and represent their community.

Failure to do this results in the immediate disqualification of the councillor.

This guide is for Town and Parish councillors, clerks and residents. Its aim is provide a simple introduction to parish councils and the village hall

This guide briefly covers...

  • Legal Background
  • Due Diligence
  • The Legal Consequences
  • The Community Fall Out

This guide is indicative and not definitive, it is not intended to be a comprehensive list of legal requirements.

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