This 60 second guide is for residents, parish councillors and clerks who wish to gain a brief understanding of the circumstances and reasons for excluding the press and public from town and parish council...

  • meetings
  • committee and
  • sub committee meetings


It should be noted that there are few valid reasons to exclude the press and public.


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Reasons for exclusion

Exempt Information

Publication, minutes and agendas

Exclusion during the debate

Procedure and usage


This guide should be read along with BPG 09 A CPALC Best Practice Guide to excluding the press and public

  • For clarity there is some overlap with the Best Practice Guide
  • Parish Councils are advised that excessive use of this power may bring their council into disrepute within their community. It should be used sparingly and only where relevant
  • This guide is intended to provide a general overview and is not definitive


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