Town and parish councils have wide ranging powers to promote tourism.

  • Promoting tourism can bring real benefits to local communities in both economic and social terms
  • A town or parish council does not have to work alone to use these powers
  • Indeed there are advantages to working with the community, neighbouring councils, other organisations and businesses within the area
  • Partnership working may spread the cost and cover a wider and more relevant geographical area
  • It is an opportunity to consult and work with local communities to identify a wide range of opportunities

This 60 second guide is for residents, town and parish councillors and clerks who want a brief introductory overview to using the tourism powers to promote the area in which they live.


Article Contents - Click on a link below

The Legal background

Getting started

What can the parish council promote

How can the parish council promote tourism

Is it Seasonal

Setting the standard

Reaping the rewards


This guide is indicative and not definitive, if in doubt get someone else involved or seek professional advice.

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