There seems to be a plethora of organisations that offer advice and guidance on village halls and other community facilities.

  • The advice ranges from getting funding to build new or refurbish old, somewhat dilapidated buildings right through to the niceties of making sure you have operational matters such as insurance, health and safety and licensing issues in place and the whole arrangement is tied up in a secure long term lease to make sure your new management committee is bullet proof
  • This sort of information is great as far as it goes but after the celebrations when the new or refurbished hall or facilities are opened there seems to be a bit of a void in terms of simple, practical measures on making your new facility sustainable
  • The sustainability void looms, someone has to fund and finance the facility for the foreseeable future

This 60 second guide is for residents, parish councillors and clerks who wish to gain a brief introduction to the managing and marketing of village halls and other community facilities.


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The Long Term Maintenance Fund

How often are the facilities used?

Know your user profile

The use of simple Evaluation tools


This guide is indicative and not definitive, if in doubt get someone else involved or seek professional advice.

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