Our clerk has resigned what should we do? This is an often asked question by councillors. All too often it is akin to shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. Planning and being prepared is a far better proposition. There is much to do other than starting the recruitment process for a new clerk.

The Council and Councillors are custodians of the public purse.

This guide is a simple check list written for town and parish councillors to enable them to start planning for when the clerk leaves. It may be applicable to other council officers.


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Resignation immediate actions

Gardening leave

In all circumstances

Signed statement

Suspicious circumstances


The council is the employer not the chairman or any single councillor. Individual councillors including the chairman cannot make any decisions.

This check-list may not be complete and should be carefully reviewed and adapted to the specific circumstances of any employee departure and the specific circumstances of the Council. Always obtain legal advice if in any doubt.

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