The Town or Parish Council Clerk is usually the "proper officer" to the council which is a part of local government.

  • Town and Parish Councils are not
    • private clubs,
    • charities or
    • residents associations.
  • The role of the proper officer is to provide competent legal advice to the council and implement the decisions of the Council.
  • The Clerk may also be the RFO (Responsible Finance Officer) if they are competent and have appropriate and relevant skills.
  • There is NO legal requirement that the Clerk also be the RFO.


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How do I find out how much the Parish Clerk is paid?

Is there a national pay or salary scale for our parish clerk?

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Does the Town or Parish clerk have to be paid?

Pensions and Town and Parish Clerks

Can we pay our parish clerk a tax free gratuity on retirement?


How do I find out how much the Parish Clerk is paid?

  • The Clerk is a paid employee of the Parish Council which as an employer; as such, it must abide by employment law and should apply good employment practice.
  • However the government has been keen to promote the disclosure of council executives pay.
  • There are 2 very simple ways to find out how much the parish clerk costs.
  • All payments must be approved by the parish council and minuted, including any payments to the clerk.
  • So just ask for copies of the minutes.
  • This method will work for small councils and will give you a reasonable idea of the amounts involved.
  • The second method is to ask for copies of the parish council accounts for the period ended 31st March.
  • These should disclose the amounts paid.
  • This will not work where a council employs many staff.
  • However where a council pays a member of staff above a certain amount this must be disclosed.
  • It is very unlikely that a small parish council will pay above this threshold amount.


Is there a national pay or salary scale for our parish clerk?

  • Yes the salary or pay scale for a parish clerk can be based on the publicly available NJC (National Joint Council) pay scales.
  • It must be remembered that a Parish Council can pay the Clerk what it wishes provided that the amount is at least equal to the national minimum wage.

To find out more about the CPALC PayCheck service Click here...

  • The difficulty is determining where within the scale should the salary be fixed?
  • This depends upon the job content and may only be accurately determined by a Job Evaluation. 
  • The CPALC PayCheck service is simple and affordable taking 10 to 20 minutes.
  • It scores the role of a clerk enabling a quick lookup to find out the annual and hourly pay rate. 
  • The service is independent and the results are available immediately - No weeks of waiting.


There are 4 broad scales defined by the precept and other income of the parish council.

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