If you registered as the wrong type of member e.g. you're a clerk but registered as a resident you'll not be able to use some of our new features. In fact you're not even going to be able to see some of the new features.

It also means that you may not be offered an appropriate subscription discount as these are now often specially tailored to residents, clerks or councillors.

The consequence of registering as the wrong type of member means that you will have been joined to the wrong network or group.

If you are registered as the wrong type of member you can now change to the correct type of member. This also applies if you're no longer a councillor or clerk.

When you change your type of member all you groups will change. There may be a time lag before you group memberships are updated.

Please note that all support for problems using the CPALC website, other than registration and login is now via the website support service. A link to which may be found at the foot of every page.