The objective of this guide is to provide an introduction and a broad overview of how, what and why parish councils should be communicating with their residents.

This guide is mostly in the form of lists so that you can work through it and check off what you are and aren’t doing to communicate with residents.


There have been significant changes in the means and way we communicate over the last decade.

These changes include...

  • A massive increase in the use of mobile phones and the associated network coverage
  • Email has almost replaced letters as the basis of communicating
  • Websites provide continuous access to information and form the backbone of many organisations communications
  • The legal requirement for smaller councils to publish information on the web
  • Social media and networking sites providing an easy and accessible means of...
    • communication
    • sharing information
    • spreading ideas and experience


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Why develop a communications strategy

Principles of communication

Developing a communications strategy

Who does what

Noticeboards and magazines

Mobile phones


Websites and social media


Residents may use this guide to consider if their council is communicating well.

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