It is easy to overlook the importance of the Town and Parish Council Annual Report to Residents.

It may be the one parish council report they read or the only meeting they attend in the year.

As someone has to stand up before the audience and deliver the report it is important that it is concise, factual but above all else open, honest and transparent.

Your council is unique to your community and residents it should reflect that.

This Best Practice Guide is for all residents, town and parish councillors and clerks who may be involved with the preparation of the Council's annual report to its community and residents.

The guide is not a proforma but is intended to help provide structure and ideas.


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What is it

Whose report is it

Report introduction

Major issues, incidents or disasters during the previous year


Councillor vacancies

What the Council has done

What the Council is doing

What the council would like to do

Items that should never be in the report



This guide is indicative and is not definitive as the scale of operations may and will vary from council to council. Professional advice should always be sought where and when appropriate.


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