The Audit Commission is working alongside its sponsor Departments and other key stakeholders to help design a new regime for local public audit, that will be robust and sustainable, following the closure of the Audit Commission as outlined in the Local Audit and Accountability Bill. As the Bill is passing from the House of Lords to the House of Commons, this briefing provides an up-to-date view of where the Commission believes that amendments and refinements could further improve and strengthen the Bill.

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 Public briefing on the Local Audit and Accountability Bill

This briefing provides background information for those unfamiliar with the Bill as well as a detailed synopsis of some of the views expressed by key contributors to the shaping of the legislation to date.

We believe that the Bill can be further improved, in relation to several issues, in order to meet the stated policy objectives.

The areas that could be improved are::

  • collective procurement arrangements;
  • audit appointment arrangements;
  • the National Fraud Initiative;
  • small bodies;
  • supporting accountability to Parliament and the public;
  • reporting on arrangements to secure value for money; and
  • updating the legislative framework governing local public audit.

There are also some important transitional issues to be considered.

Source: Audit Commission