Keeping this site looking good, secure and constantly striving to make a very large site easier to use is very important to us. The CPALC website has more than 30,000 pages so we're faced with a large and ongoing task and that's before we work on ensuring that all our content is visible and useable on mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

Fewer users now use desk top computers with large screens so please spend a few moments to read and see the major changes we've made recently.


Recent CPALC site changes...

  • Template upgraded to new core cms (Content Management System) standardised version - a very major change,  hopefully with little visible change. Enables many future developments
  • CPALC banner header updated
  • Module management software upgraded to v 7.4.0
  • Anti-spam software upgraded
  • Login presentation updated and changed.This consolidates many features into 1 place simplifying access for users and reducing site complexity
  • Privacy - core profile functionality upgraded provides standardised presentation of icons and other features
  • Minor presentation issues repaired on the 404 error page - i.e. page not found
  • All Tags changed to Tags on footer menu
  • New "Accept Cookies" added
  • Tags rebuilt using new features in CMS - added sorting of selections by title and date
  • All member lists rebuilt to take advantage of new features and layouts in the Core member profiles which was upgraded to v2.1.3 on 29-07-2017


The CPALC authors and technical team members are unpaid volunteers

CPALC receives no Government grants or funding

Paid memberships fund site hosting and software costs