Probably not very good at all. 63% failed the most basic tests as to their council's meeting procedures. Town and parish council meetings are at the heart of local democracy, they are where decisions are made and residents can watch their council in action.

It is difficult to attend a meeting of which you are unaware, yet 14% failed to post a public notice in a conspicuous place. 40% failed to give notice on their websites. 30% failed to give the correct notice period and a staggering 28% failed to invite the public and press.

The following information is based on answers to 257 completed meeting HealthChecks


The situation appears no better with regard to the meeting itself...

11% of meetings had no agenda

17% of councillors were not legally summonsed to attend the meeting

70% failed to approve councillor absences correctly

11% failed to ask for councillor declarations of interest

62% failed to ask councillors and the public for future agenda items


Public participation and reporting...

More than 75% failed to post minutes on the notice board or website as soon as possible

12% allowed no public participation

27% of councillors did not receive working papers with the agenda

25% do not provide an agenda to those attending the meeting

61% do not provide financial reports on their website

It would appear that many Town and Parish councils are failing in the most basic of areas.


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