This CPALC (Communities, Parish and Local Councils) How To Guide (HTG) is for town and parish councillors, clerks and residents and community groups who wish to gain a broad basic introduction to developing or refurbishing community facilities.

In the majority of cases this will probably be the village or community hall.



  • When the council or residents raise the topic of needing a new community facility or refurbishing an existing one there can be a lot of discussion within the community
  • Diverse users and community groups may have very different opinions and requirements
  • Cost is always going to be an issue so making sure that whatever is agreed is fit for purpose and meets the needs of its users is vital
  • This is primarily a practical guide not a legal treatise
  • The principal objective is to assist councillors and residents to ask the right questions based on relevant information


Article Contents - Click on a link below


Understanding the needs and requirements

What is needed

Managing expectations

Communication is king

The planning process

Funding and budgets

Consultation Questionnaires

Getting replies

The plans

What's next

Key point summary


This guide is indicative and is not definitive as projects, requirements, communities and their needs are all different.


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