CPALC (Communities, Parish and Local Councils) has launched of PayCheck© for town and parish clerks.

PayCheck© for Town and Parish Clerks is a confidential, independent, unbiased system to assess how many spinal points the current job or role is worth. PayCheck© is immediate, no weeks waiting for the results, no expensive consultants to pay for or software to buy.

PayCheck has been tested and validated against manual evaluations, highlighting errors and inconsistencies in the manual evaluations. In some cases significant errors were found in the manual calculation of the number of spinal points awarded.

Whether a Clerk or Councillor you are given a PDF after using PayCheck with your questions, answers and spinal points. You can use this PDF to show that you or your clerk is on the incorrect pay scale.

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The difficulty is determining where on the scale your town or parish clerks pay, wage or salary be fixed? This depends upon the job's role, responsibilities and scale and may only be accurately determined by a job evaluation.

The last quarter of the year is parish council budget time, this determines next years precept. Part of this is the annual assessment for the town or parish clerk. Town and parish clerks are local government employees. There is a national pay scale for town and parish clerks. This is the NJC (National Joint Council) wage or salary scale and is determined nationally by both the employers and employees representatives.