If your town or parish council pays its parish clerk or other staff then these changes apply.

From the 6th April 2013 fundamental changes are being introduced by HMRC. From that date manual paper employee information is no longer allowed or accepted by HMRC. Parish councils are not exempt from these changes.

HMRC can levy fines on any employer who fails to comply. As a statutory office holder the HMRC regards parish clerks as employees. The parish council should have registered previously with HMRC even if the clerk is paid less than the annual tax free limit.

The new changes introduce RTI – (Real Time Information) this information, employee details, hours worked etc. can only be submitted electronically using approved software.

Parish Councils have until 6th April 2013 to...

  • Purchase, upgrade and learn to use RTI approved payroll software
  • Find a payroll bureau or provider to manage their payroll needs

CPALC (Communities, Parish and Local Councils) has published a 60 second guide to give you a brief overview of...

  • What is changing
  • What you as a parish council need to do now
  • What you must do before the 6th April at the latest
  • What happens after 6th April
  • What's not changing

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