From the 9th July 2012 new forms of acceptance of office are to be used. These are in the proscribed format and may not be altered despite some glaring errors. The new forms refer to members and mayors. There is no apparent form or reference for the parish council chairman.

The new statutory instrument revokes the 2001 Order and (ii) includes the new prescribed form for a declaration of acceptance for the purposes of s.83 (4) of the 1972 Act. The effect of the 2012 Order is that from 9 July 2012, a person elected to the office of a parish council is required to make a declaration of acceptance of office using the prescribed form in the schedule to the 2012 Order. The form of the declaration of acceptance of office in the 2012 Order does not include an undertaking to observe the parish council’s code of conduct.

Acceptance of Office forms completed prior to the 9th July 2012 may be valid however any reference to observing the parish councils code of conduct is no longer valid.

Advanced members may access the Form and Guidance by Clicking here...