We are testing a new consolidated "News" menu which pulls all the Parish and CPALC News, our Editorials and Members Blogs into 1 list of articles

This is the first time we have used this new feature which is based on the article tags

It means that instead of clicking on an individual icon to view each of News, Editorials and Blogs, 1 click displays all together sorted by date

(Please note that this process has changed some of the article dates)


As this is a test feature we are retaining the original icon menu as shown below for the time being...

Read our

graphic design



Read members blogs



Write a blog

a blog


CPALC Campaigns



Go to the parish news in the public area



This means you can still view just Editorials for example.

The new article list is still governed by the ACL (Access Control List) so registration and login are still needed to view all the content

It is hoped that this new test feature will be successful as in the future it may deliver a major potential simplification of the site menu structure


To return to the new consolidated menu CLICK HERE...