There 2 common misunderstandings about the role of Town Parish or Local councillors.

They are not employees or volunteers, they are elected representatives who volunteer their time for free to work on behalf of their communities.

Please note that these are indicative and not requirements.

There is a legal requirement to attend local council meetings and abide by the code of conduct.


Main Duties and Responsibilities


  1. To participate constructively in the government of the Parish
  2. To participate fully in the formation and scrutiny of the Parish Council’s policies, budgets, strategies and service delivery including the ‘Parish Plan’.
  3. To ensure, with other councillors, that the Parish Council is properly managed.
  4. To keep up to date with significant developments affecting the Parish Council at local, regional and national levels.
  5. To be accessible and to represent effectively the interests of the ward for which the Councillor is elected and deal with Parishioners enquiries, representations and complaints.
  6. To represent the whole electorate; listen, and then represent the views of the whole community when discussing council business and working with outside bodies
  7. To take an active part in the Parish Council’s arrangements to build community capacity and promote measures that contribute to the Parish Council’s Vision.
  8. To attend Parish Council meetings.
  9. To prepare for meetings and being properly informed about the issues to be discussed.
  10. To take part in meetings and form sound judgements based on what is best for the community and then abide by majority decisions.
  11. To represent the Parish Council on outside bodies to which the Councillor is appointed

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