Logging into the site and registration are the most intensive activities on the site.

  • These days repeated attempts to login or register are one of the commonest ways to use brute force to overwhelm a website and attempt to hack the site
  • Such attacks on this site have risen considerably over the last 6 months
  • Repeated login attempts are very web-server intensive
  • Processing a single login is roughly the same as the processor power for 15 logged in members
  • Consequently repeated login attempts slow down the site for others
  • In the worst case may prevent other members from being able to login
  • If you have been blocked a message will have been displayed
  • Those messages are explained later in this article


Important - Modern Browsers

Modern browsers deliver faster web browsing by caching or storing web pages previously visited by you.

  • The amount of stored content and  the length of time pages visited are stored depends upon the memory in your computer and the configuration of your web browser
  • It is worth noting that Google Chrome is particularly aggressive in its use of caching technology
  • Google Chrome also stores and tries to auto-fill your login details for any website with which you are registered
  • This is both good and and bad
  • Providing you make NO typing errors these features tend to work seamlessly
  • However if you mistype your details your browser will usually remember the wrong or incorrect details
  • These may then be used for the length of time your browser stores information or until your browser needs to clear and release memory


The control of your computer and browser is outside of the control of CPALC.

If you are repeatedly blocked there are some things you can do...

  • Set your browser to clear its cache whenever you close the browser (This should also be done for web security)
  • Clear your browser cache, close the browser and restart your computer
  • Try logging in with a different browser i.e. if you usually use Google Chrome try FireFox. We find that FireFox is generally much better behaved and more reliable than Chrome


If all the above fails then after the 1 hour has passed click on the link below.

  • This link includes an instruction to your browser NOT to cache this page.
  • There is however no guarantee that your browser will obey the instruction.

After 1 hour try to login by Clicking Here...


Are others blocking your account?

  • We are seeing the newsletter forwarded to an increasing number of people who then forward it to others
  • Forwarding the newsletter is not a good idea as those individuals invariably try to login by guessing the original members username and password
  • We have seen the newsletter being opened hundreds of times on just 1 account
  • The effect is that the original members account gets blocked preventing them from accessing their membership
  • We advise that forwarding your copy of the newsletter is a bad idea in the long term as the recipients cannot login, get frustrated and may block your account
  • Sharing user-names and password is in breach of our terms of use and will result in the account being closed

If you are trying to login from a forwarded copy of the newsletter please register yourself and join for free.


Too many attempts to login

We allow a reasonable number of login and forgotten login attempts.

  • Once the trigger threshold has been exceeded the I.P. (Internet Protocol) address is blocked for one hour
  • This does not affect members accounts
  • If you have just registered please ensure that you have activated your account
  • An email has been sent to you containing a link to confirm your email address and activate your membership
  • You may need to check your spam folder or web-mail


If you have forgotten your login details...

  • Use the email address with which you registered
  • Use the lost username and password features
  • The lost username and password features are on the default login page

Error message...

“You've tried to login just too many times. Are you sure that you're registered? You can also login with the email address you used to register.

You have been blocked for 1 hour for security reasons.”

Action: Non please wait 1 hour. Repeated attempts to login will only make the situation worse.


Forgotten login details

Error message...

“Too many forgot login attempts.”

Action: Non please wait 1 hour. Repeated attempts to login or request details will only make the situation worse.


Multiple Accounts

  • You may have only 1 account which is personal to you
  • Please read our term of use
  • Duplicate accounts are permanently closed and blocked
  • Please use the lost login details features to recover the details of your original account

Error message...

"We're sorry but duplicate accounts are not allowed. Please see our terms of use.

Please use the lost details feature and then update your original account using edit profile."

Please note more information may be added to this message.


Multiple registration attempts

You may have only 1 account which is personal to you.

Please ensure that you...

  • Are using the most up to date version of your browser
  • Ensure that a minimum of session cookies is set in your browser
  • Ensure that javascript is enabled and up to date

Error message...

“Sorry too many failed registration attempts. Please try again in an hours time.”

Action: Non please wait 1 hour


Too Many I.P. Addresses

  • Many organisations are starting to use sophisticated technology to protect their websites from brute force attacks and protect their revenue
  • Some computers become “zombies”
  • Unknown to the owners the machine has been compromised and account details are used by an illicit network of computers (a botnet) to target websites using hijacked account details
  • Some users share their account details with others
  • This is explicitly against our Terms of Use
  • All accounts are personal
  • There are no group or corporate accounts for community groups or councils

Members are allowed a reasonable number of different I.P. Addresses to allow for dynamic broadband “leases” and mobile use.

  • It is important that broadband routers and connections are NOT switched off
  • This resets the dynamic I.P. Address and may result in the I.P. threshold being reached very quickly
  • Once this happens the member account is blocked

Error message...

We're sorry but your account has tried to login to the site from too many IP addresses.

This IP address has been blocked for a short period of time. The user account has not been blocked.

The maximum number of IP addresses has been exceeded.


Repeated attempts to login will only make the situation worse