The Scottish Association of Community Councils was legally wound up on the 1st August 2012, it's website carries the following statement...

From 30th April 2012, as a result of funding cuts from the Scottish Government, the Directors of Association of Scottish Community Councils have been required to close down the charity, and therefore its services to Community Councils, Community Councillors, the general public, Local Authorities and other agencies.”

Vincent Waters, the former National President said the ASCC were just starting to do some good work when they were forced to make the decision to disband. It looks uncertain whether another organisation will take on the work of the ASCC after April.

Waters said: “We took a decision as elected reps that we want to leave the stage with as much grace as we can and we will try to leave as much of a legacy as we can possibly squeeze out. People have said that local authorities can pick up the slack, but the single most common reason for a community council to pick up the phone to us is a problem with a local authority. Rightly or wrongly, community councils would have little faith that the local authority was being objective, honest and impartial with them when they were asking for advice.

Waters believes community councils are in a dangerous position, with a dwindling and ageing membership. He said community councils “are dying off and the expertise and experience is dying with them”. He believes one of the reasons people are not joining their local community councils is due to a change in how people get involved with their communities.

A commentator added that the closure of the Scottish Association of Community Councils leaves Scottish community councils with nowhere to share ideas and best practice.

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