The site contains a powerful search engine.

  • This is designed to help registered members find what they need quickly
  • Guests and visitors should use Tags and the list filters


To access the search engine...

  • You MUST be a registered member to use the search feature
  • You MUST be logged in to use the search feature
  • Click on "Search" which may be found at the end of every page
  • The Search Page is displayed or enter a search phrase or word in the search box displayed in the left hand column on most pages.
  • Enter the word or phrase for which you are looking.
  • Then click on "Search".


Using the search feature...

  • Start by searching for one word e.g. poll or polls
  • If this is unsuccessful try another e.g. election or elections
  • Check your spelling e.g. topc for topic, chnge for change
  • There is no need to enclose your search phrase in quotes i.e. "Parish poll"


The search engine scans the whole site, articles, FAQs, directory and the forum.

  • The search results ( "hits") are displayed as a list from which you may select,
  • The  results list shows...
    • The content title
    • Where the content is e.g. Forum, FAQs,
    • Part of the content with your search word highlighted

The Forum and directory have their own search features, using them may save you time.