Before the skills, some requirements!

  • You are willing to put yourself forward as a councillor
  • If opposed, the electorate chooses you.
  • If elected, you are prepared to make time and the effort to be an effective Councillor


What will you do as a local councillor?

  • Engage with the local community and keep up-to-date with issues of local concern
  • Provide a voice for all sections of the community
  • Mediate between individuals and organisation
  • Campaign on behalf of the Council or individuals
  • Manage public funds and seek best value



  • Seek out and listen to others’ views
  • Listen actively, ask questions, check understanding
  • Be objective and rigorous in analysing and evaluating complex information
  • Present information clearly, concisely and accurately and avoid ‘jargon’
  • Keep people informed through regular feedback
  • Know who to speak to or write to
  • Develop IT skills – e-government



  • Represent the Council and the community
  • Have a clear vision and communicate this to others
  • Be results oriented, lead by example
  • Take responsibility
  • Champion initiatives and implement change
  • Foster a culture of trust, empowerment and participation
  • Develop public speaking skills


Personal Effectiveness

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