• Getting elected to most town or parish councils is relatively easy
  • The actual process of standing for election is very simple
  • If in doubt contact the monitoring officer at your principal authority (your Unitary, District or County Council) as it is the principal authority that manages the election process and time scale


Why stand for election?

  • Your parish council may be doing good things with your community and you wish to have more involvement in the decision making process
  • You may feel that you have the time and ideas to work with your community and council to make further improvements in local services and facilities
  • Equally you may be dissatisfied with your town or parish council
  • It is very easy to just sit on the sidelines and complain
  • It is far more productive to get elected and try to make changes from within
  • The 4 yearly elections are a good time for a committed group of residents to all stand for election and effect real change especially in those councils where there has not been a contested election for many years


How, what you need to do...

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