• The tagging of articles is becoming common on websites
  • A list of new tags may be found at the end of this article


What are TAGS...

  • Tags allow all CPALC site members and guests to find articles with similar content at the click of a button
  • Clicking on a tag button shows a list of articles which contain information related to the tag title shown on the button
  • For example clicking on the tag button “Employment” shows a list of articles whose broad theme is employment of the Town and Parish Clerks and staff


How to use TAGS...

  • There are several ways to use tags
  • IMPORTANT not all tagged articles are shown unless you are a registered member and logged in to the site
  • Guest visitors will only see tagged articles in the public area of the CPALC website



  • On many pages you will see coloured buttons at the top of the article
  • These are “themed” e.g. Meetings, Minutes, Agendas and so on
  • Some articles may have many tags as the article covers several broad content themes
  • Clicking on one of the buttons will display a list of similar content, reducing the need to search
  • The displayed list of articles can be filtered to find specific articles

Click here to see a tagged article



  • At the bottom of every page on the CPALC site is the footer menu which contains common menu items
  • This includes an item “All Tags”
  • All available tags may be seen by clicking on “All Tags”

Click here to see all tags


Work in progress...

  • Work on tagging articles is on-going, not all articles have been tagged.
  • Work has focused on the top level categories.
  • Extra categories and more detail will be added over time.

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