Using Title filters or Searching List Titles is a way of allowing you to find information in a displayed list of articles in a category.

A title filter or Searching List Titles is very different to the site search facility.

Title filtering is an effective way of finding what you seek without doing a full search.

Title Filter

  • Is only available when a list of articles is shown
  • Start by entering a single word
  • Only looks for the required words in the titles of the articles in the displayed list
  • Does not look at any other part of the site
  • Does not look within the article for the required words
  • Does a "containing" filter within a word i.e. if any word in the article title contains the word required that article will be selected e.g. CHAIR entered articles with CHAIRMAN in the title will be selected
  • Where multiple words are entered an exact match is required for any results to be shown
  • No user control over the sorting of the results
  • Resulting list will be shorter than the original list


Site Search

  • Is available from nearly every page on the site
  • Many words may be entered in the search
  • Looks across the whole site
  • Looks at both the title and content of articles and other site features
  • The type of search can be chosen by the user e.g. all words, exact match etc.
  • The search words are highlighted in the results
  • The results can be sorted by the user
  • May produce a very large number of results